How to Use White Drapes to Create a Calm and Serene Bedroom

How to Use White Drapes to Create a Calm and Serene Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a calming and quiet area to help you get a good night’s sleep. White bedrooms are very attractive and popular, with a feeling of simplicity, cleanliness, and neutrality. Using white as part of your color palette also allows you to add in some bright pops of color for character or another neutral color such as gray or black.

White Drapes For Bedroom

Benefits of Using White Drapes in Your Bedroom

White drapes can soften the straight lines of a bedroom and add a sense of calmness and warmth without feeling heavy in the least. The color white reflects light and brightens up areas to make them seem larger than they really are. The result is a beautiful, quiet, and bright room with an airy feel. 

As for the question of curtains vs. drapes for the bedroom, drapery has a more luxurious feel of grandeur and beauty.

Choosing the Right Type of White Drapes

You can choose from a large selection of different fabrics for your white drapes. Sheer fabric drapes are quite lacy and flowing for a sense of uplifting style. 

If your bedroom gets a lot of heat and sunlight in the windows, you should choose a fabric that will hold up well under these conditions. Choose a designer fabric with a higher thread count for longer lasing drapery panels in a sturdy fabric such as cotton, brocade, chintz, or faux silk which tend to fade less or discolor less in constant UV rays from the sun

You can also have drapes custom-made with a liner to protect the fabric of your choice from the sun.

How to Style White Drapes for a Calming Effect

White Drapes

Use decorative pieces such as rugs and pillows

Create a calming space you can’t wait to sleep in for peaceful sleep. White drapes pair very well with neutral color bedding or even with a bright color of home decor if you wish, because white is as neutral as it gets. Adding a rug with some white in it or throwing pillows to match dresses up a room and makes it comfortable.

Use a valance with a bright print to complement the white drapery panels

Black and white is a combination that many homeowners love because it is classic and timeless. If you want to add a bit of color to your bedroom, but you really love the feel of white drapery panels, consider adding a valance with a pretty and bright print to coordinate it with the other decor in your bedroom.

Use solid and neutral colors that do not distract from the main white color

Decorative side panels can be added to your white drapes in a solid and neutral color so as not to distract from your main white color. When adding valance or side panels, stick with the same type of fabric, so they don’t clash with each other.

Use the sheer panel to control lighting

Get the most out of your lighting control with a sheer white panel as your first layer next to the window and your white drapes with a lining on top. This way, you can leave the sheer panel closed and open the drapery panels to get filtered lighting in your bedroom. When you close both sets of panels, you get total privacy and even room darkening drapes for a peaceful sleep at night. 

Room darkening or blackout drapes also insulate your windows very well for energy efficiency and sound dampening as well.

Maintenance and Cleaning Tips for White Drapes

Since drapes have a lining on them, it’s not advisable to try to wash them in your washing machine because the fabric may shrink a bit, and the lining won’t fit it properly anymore. The easiest way to freshen your bedroom drapes is to use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner or a hand-held vacuum and use short and gentle strokes from the top to the bottom of the panels. 

Pay special attention to the very top of the window coverings panels above the drapery rod, where dust is most likely to settle on them. Use the long, thin furniture attachment on your vacuum to clean inside the folds of the pleats on your drapery.

The best length for white drapery of any type is for them not quite to touch the floor. This keeps the bottoms of the drapery from contacting dust or debris off the floor. 

The best idea is to clean your drapes with a vacuum each time you clean your floors in your bedroom to keep them in a pristine and beautiful condition. As an added benefit, drapes that are cleaned on a continual basis not only retain their crisp appearance but will last longer too.

If you want your drapes to smell nice, too, you can attach a dryer sheet with a safety pin to the back side of the lining. When you no longer smell the freshness, simply replace the dryer sheet with a fresh one.


White Drapes in Bedroom | window treatments in Spring Hill, FL

White drapes are available in many different fabrics to secure the look you crave and the peacefulness you deserve in your bedroom. It makes it super simple for you to change any decor in your room at any time because white is a neutral color that goes with all other colors in your interior design, whether bright or demur. You can share any tips you may have with white drapery in the comments section below, and check out projects Tampa Blind Pro for more great ideas on custom window treatments. Schedule a free in-home consultation today!

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