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We are thrilled to introduce you to today’s high-quality, attractive options in modern window blinds from Tampa Blind Pros. We offer high-quality blinds, including faux wood, hardwood, and beautiful vertical blinds.

Our custom blinds come in many options and design capabilities, including modern materials that are easy to care for and excellence in lighting control, privacy, and the aesthetics you crave. Modern blinds and shutters are definitely not a limited window treatment option, and you will wonder why you didn’t choose blinds before.

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Benefits of Custom Blinds

With so many different options in custom blinds, you will find the perfect product for every room in your home to enhance the aesthetics and increase functionality while benefiting from their style and design. Choosing the correct window blinds can improve your privacy levels and energy efficiency and provide sun protection, a perfect fit, and customization galore.

Improved Privacy

Window blinds are made so that the vanes slightly overlap each other in both the horizontal and vertical styles. This design gives you great privacy when the blinds and the vanes are closed.

Energy Efficiency

The vane design also gives you great energy efficiency by trapping warm air next to your windows in the summer to reduce the need for cooling your home. The same is true in the winter, when the cold air is not allowed in your indoor spaces, so you can use less heating.

UV Protection

Window blinds are excellent window coverings to block out the bright UV rays of the sun from your home. They protect your home furnishings, such as flooring, furniture, collectibles and valuables to keep them from aging prematurely and needing to be replaced.

Custom Options Available

Custom options are available in blinds for different materials, colors, and vane sizes to suit your needs. Choose from a corded operation, a cordless and child safe operation or motorized window coverings options.

Perfect Fit

Custom window blinds give you a perfect fit every time, so they look spectacular and operate properly. They are created especially for your windows and can fit specialty shapes such as octagons, arches, circles and any shape you can imagine.

Quality Fabrication

Custom window blinds are made of high-quality materials with expert workmanship manually for the best products on the market with attention to detail.

Professional Installation

Enjoy the ease of professional installation that is included with custom blinds, window shading products and plantation shutters, so there are no worries about doing this part yourself.

Transformation Specialists

Faux Wood

Our extensive blind selection comes in a wide variety of beautiful wood grains, rich stains, and crisp whites to complement your unique style and décor.

Faux and wood blinds offer a stylish, cost friendly and durable window covering option. We offer several customization to fit most window sizes. Ease of operation and superior light control make blinds a logical choice.

Features & Benefits

Offering the tightest closure in the market as well as the best cordless operating system.


A refinement on an iconic solution, Synchrony™ Vertical Blinds combine the traditional practicality of vertical blinds with the improved durability and performance of modern technology.

Features & Benefits

Offering the utmost in dependability and UV protection, Synchrony™ Vertical Blinds appeal to nearly any room design and offer an array of colors, textures, and advanced features that will elevate your style.

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You are welcome to browse through our gallery of completed products for ideas to customize your new blinds in many ways and beautify your home.